Perfect Balance Baccarat System / Strategy

Perfect Balance Baccarat System / Strategy

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In life, things are far more enjoyable when they are in perfect balance. We would like just enough rain to make things grow, but too much rain would ruin a lot; too little rain will cause things to die. Everything should be a balance - your work life with your personal life; the way you eat and exercise; the amount of television you watch versus reading a good book, etc. The same can be said for playing baccarat. You would like to win more than you lose, however, and that is now achievable with a balance of wins and losses that will make you a winner. Perfect Balance Baccarat has achieved just that - the Perfect Balance!

There are certain phenomena that occur in any even-bet game, such as baccarat, that most people don't recognize. Only a select few do recognize this, and because of that, they have found the pathway to success in the game. Knowing what to look for is not as difficult as it seems, and this can occur with any kind of even bet. Now, because the games are different, such as blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat and Sic-Bo, to name a few, there are different sets of phenomena that will occur in each game. None of these games are alike, so the phenomena are going to be different for each type of game. The author of Perfect Balance Baccarat has analyzed encyclopedias of data with each game and has figured out how to take advantage of it. He has found the Perfect Balance of certain outcomes that will allow you to win money with it. Just as a "perfect storm" can occur to have events fall into place as you would like them, Perfect Balance Baccarat has found this "perfect storm" to allow more winnings to fall into your place (or your wallet/chip stack). How to find these events are the mystery within the strategy, which the author will lay out in great detail for you so that you can make that first trip to the casino a winning one.

The events that the author has found outnumber each other by a factor of 3:1. Knowing what to do when they come around is something that you will now know about. However, you can't just bet on them and have a 2-to-1 edge. It isn't that simple. You have to pay attention to what is going on at the table before taking advantage of the situation. A mild progression is applied to these events for two reasons: (1) flat betting is tricky for this because you can have long losing streaks that you don't want to necessarily end a shoe to carry over to a new one; (2) Banker's commissions take a chunk out of your winnings, and it isn't determinable exactly WHEN you are betting Banker to compensate for them until you are actually into the shoe monitoring the results.

Over the course of several million shoes, flat betting this system would produce a win rate of approximately 2.2 units per shoe, but that is before Banker commissions. After factoring in such percentages, you would like end up with an average of 0.6 units per shoe, which is good, but we cannot guarantee further long-term results. The likelihood of you playing millions of shoes is impossible, and sometimes, short-term losses can mount. That being said, our testers and players of Perfect Balance Baccarat have reported, based on their results, that flat betting WOULD generate a positive return, even factoring in the commissions. However, they have been playing with the mild progression within the strategy.

So, how does the progression improve the results? Over those same amount of tests, the win rate is approximately 4.6 units per shoe, which is over double the rate of the flat betting tests. When deducting Banker commissions, your win rate is about 2.5 units. This is a very positive number, especially if you are playing for high stakes. Playing $1,000 units, you are looking at $2,500 per shoe, and typically a shoe lasts about an hour, so those are some great wages! Not only that, but this assumes a "bust out" of your session bankroll in 9% of your shoes. Now, before you get all panicked over that, we took a very small sample size of our roughest shoes and calculated that 1 in 11 of these shoes busted out. And applying that rate to the TOTAL sample, we still got the 2.5 unit profits. Likely, over the course of time, you will have a loss rate of 4-5%, so this will increase your overall margin.

I know what's coming next - what is the bankroll required to effectively run the system? Within this system, there are two ways to play the game. Also, there are two different progressions, one that is the base mild progression, and the second is a good bit more aggressive. The less aggressive bankroll for lifetime safely would be 400 units. For the more aggressive bankroll, your lifetime would be 750 units. This is not bad at all. Remember, those who are underfunded should not attempt to play to win. You just have to hope that you don't lose! This is a professional strategy to be used only by those that have the capital to play.

This strategy is value priced for those that are interested. Keep in mind that there are no money back guarantees - you cannot "unlearn" a system once you have read it and studied it. That's not fair to other players or to the author. The price, however, WILL go up soon once a certain number have orders have been made. That's basic economics folks, so buy cheap while you can! 

Of course, our customer service is impeccable. Look at our reviews and feedback! We want to help you become a winner. We have done that for many. In fact, once you read through all of the great content you will receive, you will most likely take bits and pieces of many of the systems and create your own super system to attack and win big time money! If you would like any testimonials, please feel free to ask.

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