Q: How will my strategy(ies) be delivered?

A: In most cases, strategies are sent to your email. We are working on an instant download feature that will allow you to download it upon making your payment.


Q: What if I would like a paper copy of my strategy(ies)?

A: For a nominal shipping and handling charge, we can mail them to you. The price of this will depend on where you live and what kind of service you would like (USPS, FedEx, etc). Send us a message to premiergamblingsystems@gmail.com for inquiries about this.


Q: Is it true that I might have to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before receiving my strategy(ies)?

A: Yes. To protect the author from unauthorized distribution and also in some cases to protect you from the casinos changing the rules of the game based on certain strategies, you will need to complete this step. It is easy as the Agreement will be sent to your email and in lieu of actually signing and sending it back, you can simply reply with “I agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Confidentiality Agreement for ______(title)_______.”


Q: If I use one of your strategies, do I risk being banned from the casinos?

A: No. Casinos are not concerned with people that have strategies. There are enough people that don’t use them to more than cover any losses that our customers cause the casinos with our strategies.


Q: Can I play your strategies at online casinos?

A: Yes, you can with many of them. You must also make sure that online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction. We advise you to play in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, but we do advocate playing online if the conditions are correct (the strategy says you can and are there live dealers available at your online site). In theory, all of our systems are able to beat fair games. You can always find out about online casinos and their reputations with a simple search at your favorite search engine.


We will be adding more FAQs to this page in the future, but in the meantime, if you have additional questions, please feel free to send us a message to premiergamblingsystems@gmail.com.