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This product is subject to copyright worldwide and may not be copied, distributed, shared or reproduced without written permission from the copyright owner. The purchaser is granted a single-user license to consume this product for their own personal use only. It may be stored on your computer and 1 external storage device for personal backup purposes only. It may NOT be stored ‘online’ or ‘on the internet’ in any way whatsoever. You mayNOT resell or transfer this product to anyone else. Resell rights are NOT included with this product without written consent from the copyright owner. We actively fully search popular websites and protect our copyright and intellectual property of the law. Individuals can be fined up to $150,000 USD per instance of infringement. There is no requirement to issue a warning when it’s clear the infringement has been willful. Our lawyers will be seeking compensation or notifying of legal action upon first contact with infringers. Consider this your only warning - do not share or copy this product. You also agree to not share the information contained in these titles with anyone on any message board, forum or discussion group.

Disclaimer / Terms & Conditions

The information contained in this document and the accompanied videos is for informational purposes only and used purely at your own risk. As with all betting systems which rely on the user understanding and carrying out certain tasks, results will vary, and our stated results will not be typical. You could do better or worse, you could win more or lose more than we experienced. We recommend you test the system before even thinking about betting with real money. By using this system, you agree to do so at your own risk. You agree that you are and will be solely responsible for your understanding and use of this system, including all profits and losses gained as a result of using this system. You also agree that the author and its agents are not liable in any way for any gains or losses that you may incur as a result of using this system or the information contained within it. This product is also subject to our full terms & conditions. Furthermore, you may not disparage any selling agents of the aforementioned titles. They act as agents and are not responsible for your results. ANY like ideas expressed in the aforementioned titles are purely coincidental and were developed by the author at an exhaustive cost of money and time.

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Just like when you download apps, music or digital videos online, you can personally use and keep this digital product and all related/included material for as long as you wish. However, you are not allowed to resell, share, pass on or distribute any part of this product, to anyone, for any reason. And you cannot upload it to any online storage device or retrieval system without our prior permission. It is illegal to share this product in any way. It is for your own personal use only. You are solely responsible for any gains/losses that you make as a result of using this system.

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For security reasons, some elements of our products may now contain digital watermarks and micro-tracking dots. These are invisible and can only be read by specialist companies and law enforcement agencies in cases of suspected piracy. None of your personal information is contained in this data - only a record of the exact purchase time & date (which can be used to help identify who originally purchased this copy). This technology is an anti-piracy measure. If you never copy, share or resell this product, this should not concern you in any way.

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