NoCap (R) 2 Horse Racing Handicapping Strategy / System

NoCap (R) 2 Horse Racing Handicapping Strategy / System

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We have finally accomplished it! Finally, a way to beat the horse races without having to buy a thing! From the creators of NoCap® Handicapping System I, the all new second version is even stronger than the first!


NO Additional Purchases Needed to Find Winners!

That’s right! Most handicapping systems today require that you make a purchase from Brisnet, Daily Racing Form, Equibase, or a combination of all of them, to find winners. These publications are the finest in the business, but the extra expense cuts down on your overall profits! And many of these systems are way too complicated for the average horse player. And forget about being a beginner in the sport and trying to decipher these methods. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great systems out there. But do you have the time and money to get them perfected? Probably not.



You can spot your next plays in a quick five-minute glance with a FREE site that gives you all the information that you need. The site and other sources of this free information are included in the manual. Never again will you have the need to purchase expensive subscriptions to find your winners. The information is right there at your fingertips ready to help you select your next winners. Of course, if you would rather not spend five minutes to get your winners, we can accommodate an INEXPENSIVE subscription to tell you which races are ripe for the picking!


Did You Know?

There is an event that occurs in over 97% of ALL race cards? And in that small 3% of non-occurrence, did you know that in 99.64% of subsequent race cards, this event occurs? In other words, it is RARE for the event to miss in two race cards in a row at the same race track. Also, there is another event that occurs in over 87% of all race cards. This event will also show in subsequent race cards over 99%! This presents an incredible wagering opportunity. One last event also occurs in nearly two-thirds of all race cards. When this event misses two race cards in a row on the same track, it occurs at a rate of over 98% on the third race day out! Again, another incredible wagering opportunity! Not only that, but we have data that will show you the BEST tracks where this will happen, giving you inside information that allow you to capitalize on events that are bound to happen! Our team of research analysts have spent thousands of hours researching this data. The findings hold true every single day.



Even though we have a list of the tracks where these events occur more consistently, every track that met our parameters is eligible for play. You can play the big ones such as Churchill, Gulfstream, Aqueduct, etc., but also some of the smaller ones like Evangeline, Belterra, Los Alamitos, etc. are not immune to the power of this event. There may be some that might not be as efficient, but they all succumb to the power! When you look at the overall percentages above, this is taking into consideration all tracks – those that have super high efficiency, and those that lag a little bit behind. But that won’t matter. Once you have the play down, let the law of averages take over and make some money for you. This has been proven repeatedly on tens of thousands of race cards. The sample size is certainly large enough! There is no way that you will play tens of thousands of race cards, but if you did, you would get the same results!



Okay, okay, so just HOW much?

We thought you might ask that question. The answer is “as much or as little as you want”! Our tracker spreadsheet has just the data you need to win. If you want to win $1 per race win or $1,000 per race win, you can program the spreadsheet to calculate what your bets need to be to achieve your goals. Of course, some payouts will vary depending on late money, but if you have a steady bookmaker either at the track or an OTB, or through the internet, you can capitalize on this. Sure, odds can slip (or rise!) for your winners, but with our money management portion, you will be shown how to avoid those late changes, or if you get caught up in them, how to recover them in the next race. We make it very simple for you to play. Play as much or as little as you want. If you want to play three tracks a day, then do it. Only 1? No problem! It is entirely up to you how much you want to play. Some junkies like to play all day every day. Whereas we here at NoCap® prefer a short race day, others may love longer days. It’s entirely up to you!



Speaking of how much…

We really want to help the average horse player. That is reflected in this special eBay only price. Don’t wait too long though – your very inexpensive access to this information can and will go up in price within the next 60 days. If we sell out of our limited number of manuals, then it could be sooner. Get onboard today and start crossing the winner’s line of horse wagering. Once you pay for your manual (it can be sent electronically as well for an additional fee), we will quickly ship it out for you in you live in the continental United States. If you live abroad, we will have to charge additional for international postal fees. Once you receive your manual, then you will have access to the electronic spreadsheet that will create your bet sizes for you.


Yes, Yes, There is SOME Fine Print

Whereas we would like to be able to release this system to the masses, this just cannot happen. If too many people get this strong information in their hands, then payouts may go down. If payouts start going down, then you will need a larger bankroll to fulfill the profit goals you may have. We certainly don’t want to make it uncomfortable. Fortunately, this system is strong enough to make your horse racing profit dreams come true. However, we need to limit the distribution of the product. Because of this, you will need to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before the system is released. It protects both you and us (and the rest of the horse racing community that has access to this information). Thank you for your cooperation in advance. The system right now is in its final production phase as well. It will be ready for distribution on September 30. On that date, the system will go up in price by a minimum of $50. This pre-sale is your best way to lock in an inexpensive WINNING system!


PURCHASE & SHIPPING INFO: PayPal is the preferred method of payment. However, for this item, we must accept payment with other methods. You will get instructions on how to do so once you have purchased the item. Payment is due within 3 days of purchase. Systems will be sent electronically either through email or via a download link. A hardcopy CD containing the exact same information is available to be sent via the postal service for an additional fee.

ATTENTION - Although this information will be disseminated in digital format, Buyers can also receive the information via the U.S. Postal Service at an additional charge if they so choose via CD or other storage product.

DISCLAIMER: Buyer accepts responsibility for their gambling actions. As this system has proven to be sound and provide profits in the long-run, certain past performances cannot guarantee future results. Buyer also agrees to not disclose any contents of this subscription, written, electronic or otherwise to anyone else, or else certain penalties may be imposed. This includes that there is NO money back guarantee on this product. Gambling is a risky activity that might have financial consequences. If you are not willing to take a financial risk when playing horses or other gambling activity, please do not bid on this item. If you do make a final purchase of this product, please know that you cannot “unlearn” a product, and with the warnings above, there are no returns of this product.