FLEX Baccarat - The All-New Flexible Strategy / System for WINNING!

FLEX Baccarat - The All-New Flexible Strategy / System for WINNING!

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We have represented one of the best baccarat minds in recent years, and whereas he has developed some very strong methods to beat baccarat, there was still some grumbling among customers and potential customers. Full Circle is one of the best out there for affordability, but some have said that it takes a decent bankroll to really make a lot of profit. This is true, although the great thing about Full Circle is that it wins, even in small bits sometimes, with a smaller bankroll. Then turn to his most recent blockbuster - the Black Belt. The critics are there again, claiming that although the flat betting system is great, they want more profit. Greedy some people are, aren't they? Not only that, but for the average player, the price tag on such a unique and record-shattering system is very high, some say it could be "too" high. So, we enlisted him to think about some of the cons that might come with these two award-winning systems and see if he couldn't come up with something that would: (a) win with more profits, even if it meant using a light progression; and (b) be affordable to the average player who is looking to make his or her weekends at the casino worthwhile. Believe it or not, after looking at his over 2,300 ACTUAL LIVE SHOES that he uses for his tests, he found something that would work very well. 

You see, baccarat is a very streaky game, and he believes that in order to beat the game, you have to be prepared for all of the streaks that come to you. Full Circle Baccarat has achieved that, as has his brilliant Black Belt. However, the timing of these streaks can get frustrating for the average (and professional!) player. Just when you think you have nailed down a streak, it is broken and you are left with a loss. That happens to the best of us, but our author - who has over 20 years of baccarat winning experience - thought of something new that would allow you to generalize a streak, wait for it to develop and then strike while the iron is hot, and then get out. It is a very flexible rule that capitalizes on ALL streaks. What's great about that is that you get your profit in quickly, without running the risk of a streak going cold on you immediately. You won't be playing hand after hand trying to reel it back in. You get your one hand or two, and out you go until the next opportunity.

The system also uses a very light progression in the event that you lose a hand. It is almost as flat as you can get in order to achieve your goals. The bankroll, depending on your level of aggressiveness (again, this also goes into our "Flexible" mode) can range from 20 up to 200 units. However, in almost every winning run that we have personally conducted, 20 units is MORE than enough. There is also a very aggressive progression, which will cost a bit more, but will give you a larger return.

This ingenious affordable everyday system will only be available for a short period of time. We urge you to get in fast, before either (a) prices go up; or (b) no more copies are allowed to be distributed. The electronic version will be password protected, ensuring you get a personalized copy. The password will be linked to you, so that it helps protect you from getting yours taken, and also can track who else has it! You will also need to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before purchasing. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Of course, our customer service is impeccable. Look at our reviews and feedback! We want to help you become a winner. We have done that for many. If you would like any testimonials, please feel free to ask.

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Check out our recent Testimonials:

"Jim - this is definitely what I have been looking for in a baccarat system. It's simple to use, and when you say there is flexibility, you mean it! I went to the casino last night and came away with 8 units in about two and a half hours of play. That's fine by me. I have always lost, so this was a nice night. With such little drawdown, I am confident to say that I will be playing with larger sized units in the next month or so. Thanks for winning strategy!"

- Danny, Hollywood, FL (7/16/16)

"I wasn't sure that a system that was priced moderately, compared to the high-priced trash that I've bought in the past, was so simply designed and easy to implement. I think with your system, you didn't try to overanalyze what is going on at the table. Too many systems out there are looking for patterns that are complicated or 'due' situations that almost never come about. What people don't realize is that the cards have no memory, so they only 'due' you have coming is the poor house if you play without this system!"

- Phil, Kansas City (7/19/16)

"Another winning trip in Vegas! Came back with more black than I ever thought! Thank you for answering my questions on the fly as I was heading to Vegas. That's a nice touch. Take care."

- Errol, Newport Beach, CA (7/25/16)

These testimonials come in almost daily. There are lots of satisfied customers! You can be one too!

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