Dynamic Innovation Craps Professional Craps Strategy / System - LIMITED TIME!

Dynamic Innovation Craps Professional Craps Strategy / System - LIMITED TIME!

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A good friend of mine many many years back introduced me not only to the craps table and the dynamics around it, but also to some of the greatest players that the game has ever seen. The people that I met while playing was almost a Who's Who of Craps Players, Dealers and Genuises! Once I sat at the table and observed for 30 minutes, I was hooked. I never even threw the dice once, nor did I put a chip down on the felt, but knew that one day, this would be a game that I would want to play professionally and would find a way to do it.

Every system seller out there seems to start their marketing with the same crap - "I was in a coffee shop and this old man dropped his receipt and I picked it up and he shared his system with me, a system that NOBODY knows..." I am not here to tell you about that. I did however study under some of the most renowned players this world has ever seen. Does that mean that they gave me their secrets to finally strike it rich on the craps table? Well, maybe, but not like how you think. It took a LOT of time, effort, study and hard work to be able to figure out what the best of the best were doing.

You see, the best craps players out there don't trust their secrets to just anybody. So why would they trust a young guy who was not just confident, but also way too eager? They wouldn't. They would be afraid that not only would their secrets be announced to the world, but then, someone might blow their cover and eventually the casino would ask them to no longer bring their business to the casino. That is too much risk to take for a person who relies on craps as their source of income. And if their secrets were out there, that brings another risk - the casino changing their rules on one of the fairest games in the joint - craps.

So, the story continues - no divulging of secrets to me. I certainly talked with my fair share of the best players, and they of course gave me some tips, but they didn't give me what they did at the tables on a silver platter. The best teachers in the world give you certain clues to the puzzle, but they never give you the solution. They make you work for it. And work I did!! I wanted to learn everything I could about the game. I studied books (much like how the poker players of today study), went to the casino without playing and just watched what the best of the best did to have their racks overflow with chips. One afternoon in February, I remember it was actually very warm that day, a pit boss had seen me come in for many months and told me "hey kid - you should become a dealer - you never bet on the game, but you seem to be fascinated with it."

I soon thereafter went to Dealer School and took the advice of the pit boss. I was an entertaining dealer. People fought to get to my table. Dealers usually aren't the same these days - they are hustled in and out and pressured to make sure that not only they do things right, but that the house continues to win. Not in my day - when a dealer was rooting for you, players kept coming. And the more they came, the more likely they were to leave their bankrolls on the craps table. I did very well as a dealer back then. Tips came around as easily as the sun coming up every day. Life was good. You meet some interesting people on the craps table. You start learning their patterns. You can almost put their bets down for them before they even call them out. Those patterns of those that won, those are the ones that I made note of when observing the tables.

Eventually I was dealing the high rollers. Those guys usually throw money around like it's Monopoly money. Most of them just want to be entertained. They don't expect to win at all. They don't have a lot of strategy to their game. Occasionally you get a guy in there that knows what he's doing, but once he starts taking money from the house, he isn't welcome there anymore. Sometimes you can learn something from them. Most of the time you don't. That's when I realized that the guys that really knew how to play and were making pretty good money were under the radar. You knew who they were - they wouldn't play for much more than a black chip ($100 chips to those unfamiliar with the term) and once they hit their target - usually no more than $500 or so, $1,000 at most - they would disappear for a drink and a sandwich and just feel good about their winnings. That is the biggest lesson I have learned in my entire career of being a dealer and a professional player - keep the heat off. There is plenty of money to be made at this game. Don't be greedy. Nobody has ever been successful in the long run being greedy. The casinos don't play - they have to protect their coffers. If you go in there and make a spectacle of yourself and leave with a truckload of cash, that's probably the last truckload of cash you are going to make there. That is no joke.

Another lesson that I have learned is that if someone is telling you that they know a way to win in the casino every single time, you tell them that you have some prime beachfront property that you want to sell them - in MISSOURI! There is no such thing. I can tell you that the method I have been playing for years and am willing to teach you will win you more than you will lose. But YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE!!! Some of the time anyway. That's no reason to be discouraged. After all of my observation and experience as a craps pro, I can tell you that I have devised a strategy - an overall strategy - to make you a winner on most days. And your winning days will far surpass your losing days. And I can hear you mumbling now - "yeah, but you lose back everything you've won when you lose". That is certainly not the case. My COMPLETE strategy includes sound money management - in fact, I give you options depending on the level of risk you are willing to use, plus a strategy that is so simple, you might get sick to your stomach and think "why didn't I think of that?" Let's just say that observing the best of the world has simplified the game in a manner that is unimaginable. Let's face it, professionals are good at what they do. They don't need complicated models, or intricate progressions or brain-wracking decision-making to be successful. They have simple methods that do simple things, that win lots of money. They know what to look for, and quickly know how to get things done. All of my observation, studying and play has gotten me to that point too.

My strategy must be followed to the letter. Sure, there will be some times where you have to make a judgment call and that makes the system a little more subjective. No mechanical system has ever won in the long run. Ever! What makes you think that there is one - a Holy Grail if you will - that will overcome the house edge? If you do think that, well, I don't know if I can help you. It just will never happen. There has to be some subjectivity, some decision-making, and above all else, some common sense in making these decisions, to help you get where you need to be. If you have the vision to do this, then you might have what it takes to make this work and give you a steady, reliable, sometimes grinding, but most times fun and exciting, source of income that can last as long as you want to make it last. Positive thinking and confidence (I have had that all my gambling life!) will get you a long way too.

How often have you ordered a mechanical system and thought "wow - this could be my lucky day" and it wasn't? I bet it's been many dozens, if not hundreds, of times. Look no further, buying my strategy will make your lucky day. Your play with it and being precise and crisp in your decisions with it will make your lucky day. Your positive thinking, even when you are on the losing end of things some days, will make your lucky day. Above all else, believing that you have found a consistent, and innovative and dynamic way to play craps - professionally if you wish - here on this page has now made your lucky day. Pursue your excellence and pursue the opportunity to finally win at a game that was designed to give you a fighting chance - craps! Sure, the house has its edge and it will always be present. But, if you put yourself in a position (first you have to have my strategy) to give yourself a fighting chance and put the odds in your favor, you will finally end up with what you have been searching for your entire gambling life - a way to win! I know when I put this together that I had finally won! Now you can too!

This system will not be available for long, and it's price is intended to keep away the tire kickers. If you truly have interest in playing the game of craps in a professional manner and get the results you have desired, then this strategy is for you. We are not going to bargain, or trade for other systems. This is an exclusive marketing arrangement with the eBay Seller listed here and Premier Gambling Systems as the facilitator. This system will require that you sign a release stating that you will not share this information with anybody else (well, if you are married, then your spouse/significant other should know about your new business venture!). That is only fair. This is information that if put into the wrong hands could change the game forever, and cause casinos to not only change the rules, but also ban you from their establishments. Then what are you going to do? I'm not saying that this is a billion-dollar winning system for you. I just know it works consistently and its wins are far more than its losses. I have seen it all, and fortunately, I have seen the best of the best and learned from them. I am confident of that! I win regularly myself.

"So why sell this system?" Why not? I am not going to say that I want to help all of humanity beat those nasty casinos that have treated you so poorly in the past. Have you really been mistreated there? I didn't think so. And really, I am selling it for those who are interested in getting ACCURATE information about the game at a fair price. This isn't rocket science and it's not a hidden secret that the casinos don't want you to know. This is information that is different than the rest and doesn't claim to make you a Billionaire. It's that simple. You can spare me all of the systems sellers out there that claim to "just love to help people" B.S. I am giving you an opportunity. A pricey one, yes, but one of value. Probably more valuable than what is being charged. The rest is up to you. You can take or leave it. It's not going to change how I play the game, how much I play it for, or how much of an income I make from the game. Oh - and another thing, no money back guarantees. Life, as well as craps, is a gamble. The information that is presented to you is accurate and gives you a great shot at making a long-term income in craps. How you use it is all on you. There is no way any system can be prepared for EVERYTHING that happens on the table. And in those rare instances, well, you take your lumps and live to fight another day. You might have been unlucky. You can't blame the system for your losses. Those casinos on the Las Vegas Strip didn't just build themselves because people are stupid - well, partly a fool and his money are soon separated - but they do have a house edge. Sometimes even the best players can lose. Look at Tiger Woods - he is arguably the greatest golfer of all time. But even he loses!

I have given you enough information about the system. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact this eBay Seller and they will either have the answer or know how to get in touch with me to get you the answer. I do hope you join me in regularly beating the craps tables of the world, and I wish you nothing but success!

You will need to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before the system is shipped out to you. This only protects you and the author of this magnificent system! Shipping costs includes a self-addressed stamped envelope to be used for the Confidentiality Agreement.

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ATTENTION - Although this information will be disseminated in digital format, Buyers can also receive the information via the U.S. Postal Service at an additional charge if they so choose via CD or other storage product.

DISCLAIMER: Buyer accepts responsibility for their gambling actions. As this system has proven to be sound and provide profits in the long-run, certain past performances cannot guarantee future results. Buyer also agrees to not disclose any contents of this subscription, written, electronic or otherwise to anyone else, or else certain penalties may be imposed.