Dynamic Innovation Craps 2 Professional Craps Strategy / System ALL NEW!!!

Dynamic Innovation Craps 2 Professional Craps Strategy / System ALL NEW!!!

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We have been asked a LOT in the past year about creating a companion to the wildly popular Dynamic Innovation Craps. Well, we FINALLY finished it, and if I do say so myself, it is A-MA-ZING!

Dynamic Innovation Craps I (D1) was the starter of the fire. It took a basic concept and allowed you to control your own fate on the craps table. No more wishing, no more wondering and most of all, no more depending on other shooters to allow you to win!

Now, thanks to the encouragement of our friends, testers and customers, we have developed a system that compliments D1 PERFECTLY!! After thousands of manhours testing this system, we came up with a PERFECT PLAY that will allow you to take money from the casinos more regularly! When you use this with D1, you have the arsenal that will make the craps pit scramble for more chips from the vault.

One of the great things about our new system is its ability to be played at any time. You don't need to qualify shooters (although from a common sense standpoint, this is ALWAYS a good idea), and you don't need to worry about either a 7 or a craps on the come out roll. This is very easily the simplest system to allow you to collect money at the table. Check out some data about the system towards the end of the listing. Also, there are user Testimonials.

D1 has given us some great moments. It wins at an incredible rate. D2 wins more money faster than D1, but you have to give heed to both systems. There are times when you need to play D1 at the table, and there are times when you need to play D2 at the table. The double bonus though, is when you are able to play BOTH SYSTEMS SIMULTANEOUSLY! Yes, there are certain times on the table when you can use them both, and for the casinos, that is double trouble.

In fact, we are going to not only sell this system at a steal of a price, if you don't have D1 already, we have a deal for you! We will put up another auction that allows you to purchase D2 at the normal price, but at the same time, buy D1 for just an additional $20!

That's right - two basically for the price of one! Although each system is awesome as a standalone system, we want you to be armed to take on any situation at the craps table. Having both will be the best of both worlds! In fact, I implore you to get both. Not because it puts more sales on the board here, but because that gives you the perfect opportunity to take on any situation in the craps pit. You will win far more than you lose, that is a great feeling. Once you read both systems, you will understand what I am saying. Hold on to the "losing" thought for a minute:

Like I mentioned in the ad for D1, if someone is telling you that they know a way to win in the casino every single time, you tell them that you have some prime beachfront property that you want to sell them - in MISSOURI! There is no such thing. I can tell you that the method I have been playing for years and am willing to teach you will win you more than you will lose. But YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE!!! Some of the time anyway. That's no reason to be discouraged. After all of my observation and experience as a craps pro, I can tell you that I have devised a strategy - an overall strategy - to make you a winner on most days. And your winning days will far surpass your losing days. And I can hear you mumbling now - "yeah, but you lose back everything you've won when you lose". That is certainly not the case. My COMPLETE strategy includes sound money management - in fact, I give you options depending on the level of risk you are willing to use, plus a strategy that is so simple, you might get sick to your stomach and think "why didn't I think of that?" Let's just say that observing the best of the world has simplified the game in a manner that is unimaginable. Let's face it, professionals are good at what they do. They don't need complicated models, or intricate progressions or brain-wracking decision-making to be successful. They have simple methods that do simple things, that win lots of money. They know what to look for, and quickly know how to get things done. All of my observation, studying and play has gotten me to that point too. The D2 system will be your road map to success. There will be examples so you won't get lost, and if you do, you will have support right at your fingertips!

My strategy must be followed to the letter. Sure, there will be some times where you have to make a judgment call and that makes the system a little more subjective. No mechanical system has ever won in the long run. Ever! What makes you think that there is one - a Holy Grail if you will - that will overcome the house edge? If you do think that, well, I don't know if I can help you. It just will never happen. There has to be some subjectivity, some decision-making, and above all else, some common sense in making these decisions, to help you get where you need to be. If you have the vision to do this, then you might have what it takes to make this work and give you a steady, reliable, sometimes grinding, but most times fun and exciting, source of income that can last as long as you want to make it last. Positive thinking and confidence (I have had that all my gambling life!) will get you a long way too.

How often have you ordered a mechanical system and thought "wow - this could be my lucky day" and it wasn't? I bet it's been many dozens, if not hundreds, of times. Look no further, buying my strategy will make your lucky day. Your play with it and being precise and crisp in your decisions with it will make your lucky day. Your positive thinking, even when you are on the losing end of things some days, will make your lucky day. Above all else, believing that you have found a consistent, and innovative and dynamic way to play craps - professionally if you wish - here on this page has now made your lucky day. Pursue your excellence and pursue the opportunity to finally win at a game that was designed to give you a fighting chance - craps! Sure, the house has its edge and it will always be present. But, if you put yourself in a position (first you have to have my strategy) to give yourself a fighting chance and put the odds in your favor, you will finally end up with what you have been searching for your entire gambling life - a way to win! I know when I put this together that I had finally won! Now you can too!

This system will not be available for long, and it's price is intended to keep away the tire kickers. If you truly have interest in playing the game of craps in a professional manner and get the results you have desired, then this strategy is for you. We are not going to bargain, or trade for other systems. This is an exclusive marketing arrangement with the eBay Seller listed here and Premier Gambling Systems as the facilitator. This system will require that you sign a release stating that you will not share this information with anybody else (well, if you are married, then your spouse/significant other should know about your new business venture!). That is only fair. This is information that if put into the wrong hands could change the game forever, and cause casinos to not only change the rules, but also ban you from their establishments. Then what are you going to do? I'm not saying that this is a billion-dollar winning system for you. I just know it works consistently and its wins are far more than its losses. I have seen it all, and fortunately, I have seen the best of the best and learned from them. I am confident of that! I win regularly myself.

"So why sell this system?" Why not? I am not going to say that I want to help all of humanity beat those nasty casinos that have treated you so poorly in the past. Have you really been mistreated there? I didn't think so. And really, I am selling it for those who are interested in getting ACCURATE information about the game at a fair price. This isn't rocket science and it's not a hidden secret that the casinos don't want you to know. This is information that is different than the rest and doesn't claim to make you a Billionaire. It's that simple. You can spare me all of the systems sellers out there that claim to "just love to help people" B.S. I am giving you an opportunity. A pricey one, yes, but one of value. Probably more valuable than what is being charged. The rest is up to you. You can take or leave it. It's not going to change how I play the game, how much I play it for, or how much of an income I make from the game. Oh - and another thing, no money back guarantees. Life, as well as craps, is a gamble. The information that is presented to you is accurate and gives you a great shot at making a long-term income in craps. How you use it is all on you. There is no way any system can be prepared for EVERYTHING that happens on the table. And in those rare instances, well, you take your lumps and live to fight another day. You might have been unlucky. You can't blame the system for your losses. Those casinos on the Las Vegas Strip didn't just build themselves because people are stupid - well, partly a fool and his money are soon separated - but they do have a house edge. Sometimes even the best players can lose. Look at Tiger Woods - he is arguably the greatest golfer of all time. But even he loses!

Here is some data about the system that I think you will like. It has been compiled from our field testers over the past month (November 2018):

                    - Overall bet winning percentage: 72.7%

                    - Average total amount of bets placed during a session (on a $5 minimum table): $12,338

                    - Average ROI win per session (on a $5 minimum table): 89.18%

This is incredible when you think about the amount of money you could make as well as the comps that you can pick up just from this kind of play. And this is a $5 table mind you! We will outline all of the minimums and corresponding bankrolls in the system itself. Of course, these are not guaranteed results. Some wins have been lower, and sometimes, a session can cause you to lose. See above for that! As mentioned before in this listing, below are some Testimonials:

"Quite possibly the most innovative (no pun!) system for craps ever designed! I know the concepts are simple and not new, but the way that you present them and tie them together is genius. I've never seen a system use these concepts as simply as you do and I appreciate that! Here's to consistent winning!" - Willie B., Glen Burnie, MD

"I'm so grateful that you included me in your field testing program. The first time I used the system live, I won $54 in my first game. I was seriously impressed. I know not all games are that easy, and I anticipated a tough one eventually. Well, shame on me for putting that vibe out there, because the next game lasted me over 250 rolls of the dice, but it still netted me $238. I will take an average win of $1 per roll of the dice any day! The session was about 500 rolls total and I won over $400. I will gladly do that any time, any day and twice on Sunday! Thank you again for allowing me to participate in such a groundbreaking strategy." Norm A., Tulsa, OK

"I've read about everything imaginable when it comes to casino systems, especially craps. My longtime buddy and I take a trip together twice a year to Vegas or to a closer destination and we went to the craps table last month. He is a blackjack player but decided to watch me play for a little bit. To his amazement, I was up nearly $5,000 on a $25 table in less than an hour. Needless to say, he asked me how I was doing it. I explained to him over dinner how simple this was and that was enough to convince him. He played a $10 table that night for two hours and won over $400. He doesn't bet big, so this win was thrilling to him. Enclosed is his $100 from his winnings as a token of fairness for the system. I am certain you have converted a lifetime blackjack player to craps forever." Murray B., Isle of Palms, SC

"Have you ever had that feeling of skepticism when buying a new system? I know that's a silly question. We all have. I bought yours because of the reputation of the eBay seller that was marketing your products. He has always been fair and stood behind the products he markets. He only sells what he thinks will actually work in the casino. So my skepticism wasn't on total high alert, but this is natural. I bought the system, then even waited a couple of days before diving into it. I must say that the skepticism was gone after reading it. The presentation was simple to use and even easier to execute. Once I practiced for a few hours, I knew I was ready for 'battle'. I rolled down to the Hollywood Casino outside Cincinnati - I know that you have played there many a times - and felt a calm over me like never before in craps. The craziness of the table on a Friday night didn't scare me away like it might have previously. I played at a $15 minimum table, which isn't necessarily where I like to play, but felt confident in the new skills you gave me. In less than 30 rolls, I found myself up $100. I left the table excited. I went and had a celebratory drink before heading back to the room anticipating a great day on Saturday. It didn't disappoint the rest of the weekend. Great system again, thank you!" Bob S., Springboro, OH

I think I have given you enough information about the system. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact this eBay Seller and they will either have the answer or know how to get in touch with me to get you the answer. I do hope you join me in regularly beating the craps tables of the world, and I wish you nothing but success!

You will need to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before the system is shipped out to you. This only protects you and the author of this magnificent system! Shipping costs includes a self-addressed stamped envelope to be used for the Confidentiality Agreement.

PURCHASE & SHIPPING INFO: PayPal is the preferred method of payment. However, for this item, we must accept payment with other methods. You will get instructions on how to do so once you have purchased the item. Payment is due within 3 days of purchase. Systems will be sent electronically either through email or via a download link. A hardcopy CD containing the exact same information is available to be sent via the postal service for an additional fee.

ATTENTION - Although this information will be disseminated in digital format, Buyers can also receive the information via the U.S. Postal Service at an additional charge if they so choose via CD or other storage product.

DISCLAIMER: Buyer accepts responsibility for their gambling actions. As this system has proven to be sound and provide profits in the long-run, certain past performances cannot guarantee future results. Buyer also agrees to not disclose any contents of this subscription, written, electronic or otherwise to anyone else, or else certain penalties may be imposed.