"Beating Random" Volume 2 Roulette Strategy / System - BRAND NEW!

"Beating Random" Volume 2 Roulette Strategy / System - BRAND NEW!

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BEATING RANDOM Vol 1-3 Finally Shows the “Average Joe” How to Beat Roulette!!


Well, not just Average Joes! ALL players can finally be shown how to beat roulette! (Sorry ladies!). As you know, roulette theoretically is a random game. There are tricks of the trade that can allow you to use certain phenomenon to beat this randomness. Sure, there will be times when random can give you a hard time, but most of the time, a lot of the randomness in the game CAN and WILL be beaten regularly by players just like you and me!


When was the last time you went to the casino and thought “this is the day where I beat the game of roulette!”?


I’m guessing it was recently! Maybe as soon as today? A few hours ago? Look, if you’re going to the casino not believing you can win, then why are you going? Are you going for entertainment only? If so, then this may not be for you. However, if you are interested in changing that mindset, or you are in fact believing you can win, then this IS for you!

BEATING RANDOM Volumes 1-3 is a collection of new systems designed to give you a nice advantage in beating the game of roulette. As you know, the house has an edge of 2.6% (single zero or European roulette) up to 5.2% (double zero or American roulette). Although it’s not a great proposition on any given spin, keep in mind that “what comes up must come down”! That means that cold numbers must get hot, and hot numbers must get cold. In a truly random game, which the casinos are trying to simulate, all numbers show up equally in the long run.

Now you aren’t going to sit at a table for 10,000 spins or more at a time. That’s just impossible physically and mentally. However, in that amount of time, number frequency evens itself out. It just must in a truly random game. In the short term, however, the amount of spins that you will play at a time, you can take advantage of the hot, cold and in-between, if you KNOW WHAT YOU’RE SEEKING!!!


NOW You Can Know What You’re Seeking!


BEATING RANDOM Volumes 1-3 does just that! Each of the strategies is independent of the other. You don’t need to have all three, but you will be better off with all three. In fact, you can play them all together and have an even better chance of winning. Although their concepts are similar, they are also quite different. You will see if you check out all three. Here’s a description of the three:

Volume Two: Expand the Base: Not everybody likes the thought of betting one number repeatedly until it hits (or IF it hits)! This strategy will give you a little more of a cushion and a sigh of relief. Now, this doesn’t mean that you will be betting on every possible number combination that’s hitting like crazy or those that are cold. It will still be a limited amount of numbers to bet. In fact, you will start with just one number. At some point you may end up adding numbers to the mix. In fact, unless you are hitting within the first few spins, you WILL be adding more numbers. Maybe that makes you feel a little more comfortable? It should. Again, until you know WHAT numbers to bet, you may or may not win. Expand the Base will tell you just that. You will know how to bet these numbers and when, and capitalize on the wins for great profits. Although you don’t know what the system does until you try it, you can “bet” that you will be happy with the results. And, you will know that you are playing individual numbers with this system as well, not large groups of numbers that can deplete your bankroll in a hurry! Let’s look at what some of our players are saying about Expand the Base:

·         “I’m 12 sessions in with Expand the Base and I’m 11-for-12. Not a bad batting average. I looked over my session that I lost and found that I made a minor mistake and it cost me. The great thing about it is that my ‘mistake’ and losing session was only $14. I’ll take that any day of the week and twice on Sundays! Thanks for such a good system.” – Tim W., Elkton, WV

·         “I never write to authors to tell them of my progress, because quite frankly, I’ve never had much to write about. Even when I was winning, it quickly disappeared, and I didn’t feel like complaining. Well, I’m not complaining today. I’ve had four weeks of success with vol 2 and I couldn’t be more excited about my roulette future.” – Pauline L., Mesa, AZ

·         “Are you going to continue to develop more strategies like V2? If so, please keep me on your mailing list!” – Vann S., Henderson, NV

Keep in mind, once you sign on the dotted line (the Confidentiality Agreement), there's no turning back. But you'll be glad you did!! There are of course, no money back guarantees once this system is delivered to you. 

NOTE: This system is NOT available in the Roulette Systems package that we offer!

That's about all of the detail that is available. This could be the opportunity you have been looking for. However, you have to commit yourself to learning it inside and out. Practice before you play for real. Ask questions if you have them. Once you start playing, you will be glad that you read this ad and bid on the item. If you pass on this, best of luck to you to find the roulette strategy that fits you best. If you do bid, congratulations in advance!

Of course, our customer service is impeccable. Look at our reviews and feedback! Keep in mind that you will need to sign the Confidentiality Agreement before the system is released to you.

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