Baccarat Black Belt Gambling Strategy System - ALL NEW! Flat Betting! Lowered!

Baccarat Black Belt Gambling Strategy System - ALL NEW! Flat Betting! Lowered!

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We've tried a lot of systems that have amazing claims in the past. We have also developed some of the best systems that are on the market today. With most of the systems that we've tried that weren't our own, they win for a little while, but eventually they fail. Our systems win a lot and win and they will lose. There's no denying that. System sellers that claim that their systems win all the time are just fooling you and themselves. There is no way they can make that kind of claim unless they are doing something illegal. We have seen thousands of ideas, and we have tried to make them work. One day, while looking at some baccarat shoes trying to make sense of them, one of our developers and authors had that "Eureka!" moment. He finally saw something mathematically incorrect with the game of baccarat that nobody has ever seen before. We quickly broke out some of our old shoes that we've recorded - we have over 2,300 ACTUAL LIVE SHOES that we use for our tests. Lo and behold, these shoes held up! And the best part of all, they held up using FLAT BETS (although I would probably use the provided slight progression to get through possible "grind" sessions)!! The beauty of it was that it was so simple, yet, everybody who has ever played the game or wrote a system completely missed it. They all thought that complicated formulas and bet selections were the key, but they weren't! Our author, who has twenty years of experience, finally saw what was avoiding all baccarat players up until this point. He also developed Full Circle Baccarat, which will help you win as well! But this Black Belt concept knocks out casinos' chips before they see it coming! Just like his Full Circle Baccarat takes advantage of EVERY pattern formed in the game of baccarat and allows you to bet according to some simple rules to turn those patterns into profit, Black Belt Baccarat does the same! In fact, there isn't a pattern out there that can fully sap the power of the system. That's because you aren't looking at the BP patterns. It is laying just underneath it in a place that you would never think to look! Don't get us wrong - Full Circle is one of the best systems out there, but this one might have far more firepower because of its Flat Bet Technology. It is a true professional system in every sense of the word. As with any of our systems, you won't win every time - and anybody that says they have a system that does is lying to you - but you will win far more than you lose with this system. In fact, here is the surprise:

You only need 5 units of bankroll per session! Did you misread that? NO!! Only 5 units of bankroll is required for any session! How's that for a winning strategy? You need only five units of bankroll on a system that flat bets AND WINS!!

You probably wonder how on earth this is possible. Only 12% of our tests - both on our databases and our live play - lost the full five units in their shoes. 56% of our tests - also both on our databases and our live play - won 5 units or more! Furthermore, approximately 32% of our tests won 10 units or more!! This is an incredible system that has made incredible wins - an average of over 4.5 units per shoe, and that includes losing shoes, which accounted for less than 20% of the shoes. Keep in mind a losing shoe to us by definition is either breaking even, or losing up to 5 units. Let's do a little math for fun and we will keep it simple:

Let's say we had 1,000 shoes, and for argument's sake (and keep in mind this is FLAT BETTING - we will show you a mild progression for even more profits in the manual) we lost 20% of our shoes, and the full five units:

200 shoes would lose a total of 1,000 units (5 units x 20% of 1,000 shoes)

560 shoes would win a total of 2,800 units (5 units x 56% of 1,000 shoes)

These alone would account for a profit of 1,800 units over 1,000 shoes. That doesn't include the one through four unit wins in the other 240 shoes. And also doesn't account for the shoes that won 10 units or more! That's a minimum of 2 units per shoe winning. What if you played $100 units? That would be $200 you could count on to win per shoe on average. That's a nice wage!

UPDATE: Many of our clients/students have told us that the best way to play this system is with a very mild progression. Although the flat bets are working well, the averages are slipping as we compile more data of real life play and simulations. That's not to worry! The system is still holding up, but realistically, 2,300 shoes is not a large enough sample size. We have possibly had our best shoes first! However, it's not unrealistic to see that this system will continue to produce the results that are shown above very regularly, and with the progression, you will certainly see these results! Our improved version will include this very important money management technique! We now have over 19 million shoes tested, and the slight progression is working so much better than a flat bet scenario. AGAIN, the advantage shown in 19 million shoes in two different bets is still prevalent enough to win long-term flat betting, however, playing with the progression will provide easier and more consistent profits! It is advised to use the Progression.

This system has the strength to knock out it's opponent - the casino! And it does it with the force of a Black Belt champion! Hurry and order before the price goes up. After a dozen sales, this system will cost ten times what it is now. That's not a threat to get you to order now, but it's true. There's only enough room for a few players with this system before pit bosses begin catching on and banning Black Belt players. It's for your protection only! Also keep in mind that this is a Pre-Sale. The system itself will not be available until Sept. 15, 2016. You will also need to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before purchasing. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Of course, our customer service is impeccable. Look at our reviews and feedback! We want to help you become a winner. We have done that for many. If you would like any testimonials, please feel free to ask.

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